Can you live your life without money?

Banyak tak duit aku…. Hahahaha…. aku kaya!!

Money in my life is very important…

Growing up I thought borrowing money to buy things was just what adults did. It never even occurred to me that it was possible to pay cash for everything.

I realize that money are too important in our life to make it clear for everything. I didn’t win the lottery and don’t earn a fortune.   When I was using credit and regularly spending more than I earned, getting on a budget was like going on a diet.  It was pretty hard, especially at first. I was raised to think that taking out loans was just a part of being a grown-up. However, I’ve changed my mind about this.  I now know that it is possible to pay cash for big ticket items.

When money is tight, your options are limited.  You just don’t have all of the same choices available to you.  Yes, it takes time, energy and discipline to get out of debt, but it is worth it.  Why?  Because it frees up your finances for more important things.  It allows you to pay to send your wife likes or want.  It allows you to donate to the mosque building fund.  It gives you the freedom to buy a new washer for your parents when they can’t afford one.


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